Tomorrow, a nicotine vaccine

Victim of successive failures, you are poised to confess defeated (e) by the cigarette. However, the harmful effects of smoking are more to demonstrate… Swiss researchers propose a new solution: a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

At the 2005 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Asco), Swiss researchers have announced the development of a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

a nicotine vaccine

New solutions needed to quit smoking

Despite the advances in medical research, lung cancer remains one of the deadliest diseases. Each year, more than 27,000 French die from this terrible scourge. Quasi-invariable, the cause is the same: smoking. Facing these figures and awareness of the harms of smoking, many have banned it from their daily lives. But it is not always easy to achieve… and this, despite the multiplicity of proposed solutions.

Patch, gum, chewing gum, inhalers… you have exhausted all the nicotine and despite this, your addiction condemn you to failure or the fall. Have you thought to assess your nicotine addiction?

-To know without waiting, take a proper test.
-Prevent nicotine from reaching the brain.

Like you, a significant proportion of smokers can’t hang up despite all their efforts. How then can you resist this call haunting the cigarette? And a Swiss team could tomorrow propose a solution that is not lacking in pungent: a vaccine.

The Swiss team of the Professor Jacques Cornuz of the Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois of Lausanne has embarked on a strange adventure: the development of a vaccine against nicotine addiction. The principle is to neutralize the nicotine circulating in the blood until it reaches the brain.

But how to ensure that the body reacts against nicotine? Researchers have solved this conundrum by creating a vaccine that combines nicotine at an inactive fraction of viruses. Although harmless, the Assembly thus formed is identified as a dangerous intruder by the immune system, which then produces antibodies to anti nicotiniques. It is these same antibodies that will subsequently block nicotine before it leads us into a spiral of addiction.