A flat stomach. 10 tips for a flat abdomen

Spring season, you start to think about the belly. Not just for the beach, but also in cities, at school, at work. A belly can show, a waist ‘content’, a flat abdomen is an accessory to all the effects for those who want to do well in light fashion, adherent, fluttering in the spring and summer.

And then, next to the inevitable (and certainly much more concrete) rules to lose weight and reduce your waistline through regular workouts and diets balanced, we also allow you to list 10 effective and practical advice that will help you to ‘accelerate’ time to give you a flat abdomen, or at least somewhat ‘flatter, in very short time. Do not believe us? Try to read and think.


1) Eliminate from your diet, starting from yesterday, all those vegetables and fruits that you know from experience that cause bloating, the famous beans on … the belly is not ‘air’ is already a flatter tummy.

2) If you are allergic to milk and dairy products(lactose intolerance) avoid these foods, or those looking for specific people who suffer from this problem. Absolutely avoid drinking fizzy drinks. For the reason: see above

3) Divide your meals at least 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 big meals that literally ‘fill’ the stomach.

4) Do not eat in a hurry, because they eat – believe it – that will also air to inflate the stomach. And we want to avoid having a bloated stomach …

5) Are there any natural products to combat bloating, ask your pharmacist can recommend the right product for you, and the proper use indicarvene

6) Are there any foods, such as mint tea, yogurt, pineapple, that have the properties to counteract the bloating. Try them, if they work because they do not include them in your diet?

7) Do not eat two hours prior to sleep at night, because during sleep your metabolism slows down, and it is all too easy to ‘ingresses sleeping’ …

8 ) Try to be ‘regular’ from the point of view of the intestine. Constipation is by definition an enemy of a flat abdomen. Try to drink plenty of water, eating vegetables rich in fiber, possibly integrate with the appropriate fiber-based products.

9) Exercise! Have you ever tried the ‘twist’? Take a broom stick, place it behind you and sit on the edge of the bed. At this point, keeping our eyes focused in front of you begin to rotate the torso to the right and left, for at least 5 minutes. It is the best exercise to tone the muscles that are used to ‘contain’ the belly. It is not at all difficult, and the results are seen within a couple of days.

10) And above all, AVOID to make use of laxatives, diuretics, extreme diets just to get a flat abdomen. Are not needed, as well as being – do not be stressed enough – that is potentially hazardous to health. There are other ways to get a flat stomach! And they work.