Stroke: a cascade of events

130 000 vascular accidents (CVAS) are registered each year in France. A quarter of people die. In the majority of cases, others keep more or less important sequelae or even more or less final!

Lesions obviously depend on the brain reached territory and the importance and type of circulatory arrest.

a cascade of events

Various consequences
They can touch the motor unit and leave half paralyzed body (hemiplegia), reach the sensory apparatus and create or edit, or make disappear the spatiotemporal cues or Finally, focus on language, reading or writing problems.

There are even cases where the vision problems go up to bilateral blindness. Finally, to conclude this little fun table, it is not uncommon that stroke causes the sphincter controls urinary and intestinal disorders.

In general, the lesions are hemispherical, that they affect one side of the brain and create specific lesions. If the left hemisphere is reached, the lesions include disorders of language, writing, right-left orientation. If this is the right hemisphere, these are assessment of distances, the orientation, the negligence of reaches hemicorpus, dressing or attention difficulties that will be predominant.

However, the stroke does not occur in anyone. In 85% of cases, the victims are risk factors that destabilize the biological balance. Include atherosclerosis, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. But there are also heart factors such as high blood pressure or rhythm disorders. And above all, the number one enemy of the artery: the smoking.

There is still time
Stroke prevention aims to limit well known risk factors and to observe good hygiene of life. Why you should consider a health check. It is to do every five years if you have less than forty years or every two years if you have more, or if your lifestyle you away from “reasonable”. Other arguments must lead you to consult: the permanent stress, unexplained headaches or frequent and spontaneous nosebleeds. Have your blood pressure checked. You will be satisfied to have eliminated a first significant risk factor.

With diabetes, cholesterol or triglycerides, it is a biological assessment, prescribed by your doctor, who will point the derivatives of your organization. Need you to then, according to the results, consider changing your lifestyle: a less animal fat-rich diet, a little less sedentary lifestyle, i.e. for the year as a daily hour-long walk about and if necessary drug treatment.

All these sound decisions will make flee these swords of Damocles hovering over you. And when it comes to smoking? It is true that the decision to stop belongs to you. Remember the devastation he makes on the vascular tree or do you wait to be victim? It is for you to see!
Many of the techniques now allow you to stop without suffering the lack. Make the right decision while there is time and let yourself be carried by the many Councils of our record on tobacco.