A Beginner’s Guide to Breast Augmentations

It’s easy to see that women interested in breast augmentation surgery would have a plethora of questions related to this procedure. In addition to a questions about the surgery itself, there are plenty of things that might seem uncertain as research first commences. Fear and anxiety are not uncommon, and there is also an element of shame some might feel for wanting to change themselves.

You shouldn’t feel this way, though – although a big decision, it’s one that can renew a woman’s confidence and empower them. There are, of course, other things to consider – the cost, the surgeon and the physical toll of the procedure itself – but these are all things that will get answered along the way.

Where to start with breast augmentations

Most women will start in the same way: compulsive research. Although this can have be valuable in its own way, the variable nature of anatomy mean that information you find on the internet may not necessarily apply to you. For this reason, you should instead consult a plastic surgeon.

If you do your research well enough, you might even find yourself needing to travel somewhere interstate for your breast augmentation, such as Sydney to Melbourne or vice versa. Travelling to the right doctor can be worth it, though, as they will be able to answer all of your questions comprehensively and also offer some information you hadn’t even considered.

To help the process along you can bring images of your ideal look (and even looks you want to actively avoid), as this way your surgeon can get a head start in recommending a breast augmentation for you. It’s also important to remember that your surgeon will measure your body and consider your skin elasticity and muscle at your consultation, and what they recommend for your body may not be exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Don’t be dissuaded after your procedure

Although you’d expect to love your new breasts after painstakingly researching for months on end, but it’s actually very common for feelings towards breast augmentations to fluctuate post-procedure, some even can get small stress.

This is not to say that there is regret for patients (despite it sometimes feeling like it), but it is more likely due to the fact that your body has changed to a large degree. Although you may frequently second guess your choice, you’ll soon grow accustomed to your new breasts and have a resounding appreciation for them in the months after the procedure.

Much of this is due to the breasts settling into place post-procedure – for this reason, it’s generally not recommended that patients run out and buy expensive bras immediately, as the overall shape of the breasts will slowly change from week to week. When they are settled, though, you’re sure to enjoy them and the impressive dose of self-confidence they’ll imbue you with!

Taking the steps to improve self-confidence

The most important thing to remember when in the initial planning steps of a breast augmentation is to allow your plastic surgeon to take the reins. Although you may want a certain look emulated perfectly, in this case they know your body better than you do and will provide the best augmentation possible.

As mentioned previously, it’s also important to remember that even if you have a bit of regret after the procedure, you’ll get used to your new breasts (and grow to love them!).